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Our experienced team provides comprehensive software testing services to ensure the functionality, performance, and security of your application.


Development of a test concept:

Good planning is for successful
Software tests particularly important: Which software should be tested?
What is to be tested? For example components functions or integrations?
– How should it be tested: manually or automatically?
– How many testers with which qualifications and which resources are required?
– To what extent and to what extent should the tests be carried out?
– When is the time to test? What milestones are planned?
– What test information is transmitted when, to whom and how?

Test draft

The test procedure is described using the test setup. A test script is also created for automatic tests.

Test scenarios

The test cases are selected in such a way that as many errors as possible are detected with the smallest possible number of test cases.

Test suites and test case containers

Related test cases are grouped together and placed in a meaningful order.

Test dates

Some test cases require user and master data. Ideally, these already exist.


Test logs: These contain details about the test cases that have already been executed and their results.

Error messages: The determined deviations of the test cases as well as randomly discovered program errors are listed here.


  • Error lists: List of all errors found according to their priority.
    Test Errors List: List of all errors made by testers during software testing.
  • Final Report: Test logs and bug reports collected. This is presented and discussed as a review. The results are also used to optimize future tests.

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