We are:

A team with the competence for the latest technologies

Our team’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies allows us to deliver innovative solutions and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Your partner for optimized IT solutions

Braincase specializes in agile software testing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and French-speaking countries.

We accompany you from the conception through all phases of your software development

We have more than ten years of multinational experience in automated and manual software testing and software quality management

We work hand in hand with your software developers (in German, English or French), communicate and document very comprehensively and transparently

We work in an environmentally conscious and cost-optimized manner (Lean Six Sigma), with clear goals, specifications and proven test methods (e.g. SCRUM)

Our procedure

Rough analysis

245 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result Braincase assesses which parts of the software under test can be tested automatically or manually. We also determine what needs to be tested. For example integration, regression, unit, mobile, system, security or acceptance.

Detailed software test concept

In a first step, you present your software project to Braincase and provide the necessary documents for the detailed analysis. Ideally, Braincase will familiarize itself with your software project in a test environment that you provide. Braincase creates a detailed test concept and presents it to you.

Execution of the software test

Braincase carries out the software tests in close cooperation with your software developers and creates regular reports so that you have full transparency about the test project at all times, guarantee consistent and documented quality and do not experience any unpleasant surprises.